Koni Logo Kopie

Koni is a German producer & songwriter based in Cologne, Germany. He first draw attention to his project by remixing songs of Artist like Coldplay, Rihanna and Drake, with which he dominated the hype music blog charts with 10 number 1 spots.

Koni released his first original work "Mad About You" with Bakermats newly founded Imprint Label "Big Top Amsterdam" which was later on re-released by Colombia Records.

Koni’s sound design is characterized mainly by strong driven melodies, that speaks through his guitar play, mixing it with modern electronic elements. He puts emphasis on creating longing emotional vibes. Combined with a catchy rhythm and hints of tropical flavours, you’ll quickly feel comfortable in Koni’s audial universe.

In 2018 Koni founded his own Label "Koni Music". His first release in 2019 "Don't Let Me Go" was a massive success on streaming platforms, it was later on co-released by Kontor records and got on radio rotation for several month among the biggest radio stations in Germany.